Pricing & Packages

Investing in images can be a big decision!

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fit your situation and comfort level the best.

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30 minutes
Up to 2 humans and/or pets
Your choice of location
15 photos

Starting at $200


60 minutes
Up to 4 humans and/or pets
Your choice of location
30 photos

Starting at $300


1 hour+
Up to 6 humans and/or pets
Your choice of location
45 photos

Starting at $375

Celebration of Life

Do you have a pet who is in their winter days, diagnosed with a terminal illness, or in hospice? Contact me for details on how we can cherish those final memories.

free of charge


Do you only do pet sessions?

Nope! I also love to do couples and engagement sessions, portraits and headshots, and branding/product sessions!

Do you include humans with the pet sessions?

Absolutely! The relationship between pets and their family unit is always unique and part of the fun!

Do you only photograph dogs?

Not at all! Dogs are the most popular request but I'm a true animal lover and welcome the opportunity to meet and photograph any animal you think deserves the spotlight!

Will there be a second shooter?

No, I'm the only one with a camera. I do, however, sometimes bring a partner to help with props, treats, or setups to help capture the perfect shot!

How long does a session last?

It depends on which session you choose!
If pets are involved, I try and build in time for each pet's comfort and energy level so realistically there is time in the beginning that does not count as your paid time session. For example, a shy dog may need a few minutes to warm up or come out of their shell. The photos won't begin until I feel the animal also wants to be a part of the action!

What kind of gear do you use?

I use a Nikon D750 and a variety of lenses.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No, but I highly recommend select companies from which to order prints. It's very important to print from a company that maintains the original quality and integrity of the image. That's what you paid for, after all!

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